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When I first installed the Android app, I thought it'd be like those crippled versions of most webapps, but it's just as incredible and powerful as the web version. Great work guys!

Eduardo, Google Play Store Reviewer

Fog Creek Software, the parent company of Trello, was introduced to Favorite Medium as it began a search for an Android development partner. Favorite Medium was thrilled to be chosen to take on the project.

Walk The Walk

At the time we began the project, the idea of “porting” over the design from the existing iOS app to Android was a topic of much discussion. It’s not that easy; porting is not a great verb to describe what is really a re-creation of a refined user experience onto a very different platform, and one that works across a wider array of mobile devices and screen resolutions. The challenge was substantial but in partnership with Trello, the engineering team delivered an Android app that was widely downloaded and continues to be highly regarded by reviewers and users alike. Favorite Medium’s team liked the app so much, we decided to use it in-house and continue to do so! With a simple, intuitive interface and powerful features, our teams stay synchronized both in and outside the office with Trello.

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