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MTV Asia Reinvents Itself

Know Thy Audience

MTV Asia previously relied on promoting international musicians rather than regional Asia-based artists. Through several working sessions, Favorite Medium helped MTV Asia hone in on how they wanted to project their unified brand image across a diverse, multi-lingual region to grow new audiences across APAC. Using geo-targeting and a powerful content filtering system, MTV Asia was subsequently able to deliver appropriately curated web experiences to countries with disparate and unique localization requirements and content restrictions.

The Latest Technologies, Our Toolbox

Scaling this project was no simple task. Favorite Medium inherited MTV Asia’s existing content repository, which required a thorough brush-up prior to integration. Fortunately this type of data integration is one of Favorite Medium’s strong suits. After conducting an analysis of the legacy environment and researching internal IT requirements, the Grails web framework and MongoDB were selected to extend MTV’s platform. Favorite Medium then proceeded to design and build custom interactive UI components to provide a responsive, coherent user experience on the new site.

Fresh To You

Today, mtvasia.com serves a broader audience across Southeast Asia with deeper, more personalized content. Music fans who were previously considered too remote for MTV’s earlier global sites can now engage with customized real-time news, videos, and other content relevant to their lives and geographies.

Our Services:

Front-End Development Grails Framework