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Our tremendous growth as one of the world’s largest online video communities, with innovative social metrics and attributes and massive mobile viewership, positions us well to lead the third wave of original video programming brands.

Allen DeBevoise, Chief Executive Officer

Humble Beginnings

Machinima didn’t always have such dominance. In 2009, they were a small team with a lot of potential and a treasure trove of high quality video content. Favorite Medium’s challenge was to expand Machinima’s reach into the wild west of iOS mobile video. The complex backend required to support Machinima’s demanding online community called for a team of highly-experienced developers, but even more, a team of software aces who love challenges and gaming.

Global Reach

The iPhone and iPad apps quickly became wildly popular. However, to take Machinima to the next level, Favorite Medium created Android smartphone and tablet apps, as well as web services for managing push notifications and channel subscriptions. These web services also enabled opt-in data gathering and tracking, allowing Machinima to jump a step ahead of their users and anticipate future areas of interest. Today, Machinima reaches over 190 million gamers worldwide and their mobile applications have been downloaded by over a millions users and counting.

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