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American Ag Credit

We really wanted our website to be a place where anyone in agriculture can go for information, news, and features. This is part of the value-added kind of approach and services that we offer to all people involved in agriculture.

Terry Lindley, Chief Marketing Officer, American Ag Credit


American AgCredit has vast amounts of content from banking documentation to calendar details on events relevant to their area. American AgCredit customers would need to go to a branch in person to get access to this information. We customized WordPress plug-ins empowering our clients with a platform that allows them to give their customers timely content updates. The website now enables farmers to have direct access to information whether they are on the ranch or in the office.


Favorite Medium built the American AgCredit site on the open-source staple, WordPress CMS. The site allows American AgCredit to maintain a constant stream of content, news, events and investor relations updates to keep their customers engaged. The site also gives users powerful custom features — a loan calculator and futures market quotes. To pull it off we relied on WordPress’ renowned extensibility. In the end, we were able to allow users to make use of our client’s proprietary data on their own terms, to make important calculations independently before ever walking into a branch.


Working hand-in-hand with our client, we’ve developed an experience that helps American AgCredit further deliver on their promise to support their customers in their endeavors.

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